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Council Charter
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Revised 9/24/16*


According to the By-Laws of The College Foundation at Delhi, Inc. a committee of alumni representation shall represent the 35,000 SUNY Delhi alumni.  The committee shall be referred to as the SUNY Delhi Alumni Advisory Council and the alumni at large known as the SUNY Delhi Alumni Association.


Mission Statement

The SUNY Delhi Alumni Advisory Council represents the needs and interests of the SUNY Delhi alumni community by:

  • Stimulating the interest and support of alumni in the Alumni Association’s activities and in college activities
  • Serving as ambassadors for the college, promoting SUNY Delhi whenever possible and attracting prospects for admissions
  • Partnering in the recruitment of students and in career placement of graduates
  • Advocating for the campus with key partners in the public and private sectors
  • Serving as a sounding board for initiatives and programming
  • Assisting in and supporting campus fundraising activities
  • Making recommendations that will further the mission of the Alumni Association


Responsibilities and Objectives

  • Participation in Alumni Advisory Council meetings and alumni events
  • Support college fundraising efforts, identify donors, corporate partners, foundations and friends
  • Make recommendations to improve alumni programming
  • Engage alumni volunteerism and participation for alumni and college events
  • Assist in the identification, development and recruitment of future advisory members
  • Serve on committees or task forces to carry out specific objectives related to alumni planning and implementing alumni programs and services
  • Each council member is asked to contribute to The Delhi Fund within in each individual’s “capacity to give”.  It is the goal of the Council membership to represent a 100% participation rate in order to steward public and private grant funds for the benefit of the college and students.



The members of the Alumni Council shall be comprised of six to eighteen alumni representatives and 5 non-alumni members.  A quorum shall consist of the majority, plus one.

Non-alumni members shall include the: College President, College Foundation Executive Director/Vice President for College Relations/Advancement, Alumni & Annual Giving Director, Faculty/Staff advisor and Student Representatives who are ex officio.


    Under direction of the Alumni & Annual Giving Director, new members will be sought to first serve on working committee/s of the Council. New members will then be nominated to the Advisory Council from the working committees based on their involvement and interest.    New members are to be nominated in the spring by the Nominating Committee.  New members will be oriented and their terms will take effect in the fall. 


    All Advisory Council members will upon election serve a three year term beginning in the fall of the year elected and concluding in the spring of the completion of year three.  New members filling a vacancy on the Council will continue that term and be eligible for re-election at the end of the fulfilled term.


    Upon the completion of the first three year term, a member has the ability to be re-elected to two more three year terms.  At the conclusion of two consecutive three year terms the Council member must be separated as a voting member for one year and may be considered for re-election for the following term as per the membership guidelines.  The Council member may then begin the cycle of another three years.


    Alumni Advisory Council members will meet with the Alumni & Annual Giving Director after completing each term to evaluate their participation and interest in continuing.


    Alumni Council members who miss two consecutive campus meetings are subject to release from Council service.   Regular participation on a Council committee is also expected of each member.



  • The Alumni Advisory Council will meet twice a year on campus, once in the fall and once in the spring, and 2 – 3 times during scheduled conference calls throughout the year. 



  • The Alumni & Annual Giving Director will preside along with the two Co-chairpersons at all Alumni Advisory Council meetings.






  • The college shall designate a secretary to the Council to work on the Council Secretary’s behalf.  The college secretary will record all proceedings of the Council in minutes.  The minutes will be sent to the Council Secretary within 10 days of the meeting for approval to distribute as draft to the entire Council.  Minutes will be approved at the following meeting of the Alumni Advisory Council.


Committees of the Alumni Advisory Council


*Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be comprised of:

•           Two co-chairpersons

•           One serving as the alumni liaison from the College Foundation Board

•           One senior representative from the Alumni Advisory Council

•           Secretary

•           Finance Liaison


The Executive Committee will be brought forward by the Nominating Committee at the annual spring meeting and elected by the majority of Alumni Advisory Council representatives for a one year term. 


The Executive Committee will work with the Alumni & Annual Giving Director on new member orientation and Alumni Council priorities such as budget, development, alumni programs and events.  Members of the Executive Committee shall follow the same term of membership relative to term limits.


Executive Committee members missing two consecutive committee meetings should step down from their position or request a leave if suitable.  In the event an Executive Committee member is granted a leave of absence:

  • The leave may not extend beyond the one year term.
  •  The Executive Committee will decide upon a suitable replacement during the leave by majority rule.
  • The member replacing the member on leave will be in office until their predecessor returns or to the end of the one year term for which they are replacing the person on leave.  Whichever comes first.  

Working Committees

The Alumni Advisory Council will have working committees chaired by a member of the Council with the Alumni & Annual Giving Director.  Committees will be comprised of alumni volunteers from throughout the country.  Each Chairperson will define a meeting schedule to meet the objectives of the committees. 


  • The Nominating Committee – to present significant names for consideration to fill positions at large whose terms have expired, provide leadership in recruitment of new members, and give oversight in the orientation process. 
  • Events Committee – to assist with planning, promotion and successful implementation of alumni events.
  • Development Committee – to work with the Office of College Advancement and the College Foundation to advise and assist in successful alumni prospecting, cultivation and fundraising, especially in relation to The Delhi Fund, the college’s annual fund.
  • Young Alumni Committee – to work collaboratively with other Council committees and with the Alumni & Annual Giving Director to engage SUNY Delhi graduates of the past 1 to 15 years in alumni events and philanthropy to the college by building stronger connections through student outreach, the alumni website, social media and networking.


Amendment Procedures

Any articles of these Charter Guidelines may be added, deleted or amended by a majority vote of at least two thirds of the membership of the Alumni Advisory Council.                                     

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